I only write about what I know, what I've experienced, and how I got through it all

Who am I?

If that helps someone, then I’ve done my job.  If not, then I have more work to do.  I know I won’t make everyone happy or please the masses, but I’m here to speak my truth; however, it may come out.

I am a reverse mirror in a fun house.  I am a two-sided door that leads nowhere.  I am you, straight, gay, and everything in between.  I am life, and I am pain.  I am in conflict, and yet, I am conflicted.  I am a prisoner but a victim of my own doing. 

A survivor of racism, sexism, colorism, and fat shamed.  I am tall in my mind but short by nature.  I am controversial, but no one’s ever heard of me.  I am a testimony with a test no one saw or wants to hear.  I am free but barricaded in my mind.  “I am who I am” and identify as “cellophane.”